What Time is It?

I've been meaning to make these forever! I freaking love the show "Adventure Time!"


Tardis Cufflinks

Tardis Cufflinks I made for a friend of mine. Hope he likes them :D


A friend of mine LOVES bumble bees. So I made her this necklace. I hope she likes it C:

Tardis Earrings

3D tardis earrings. I put the paper clip there so you can see the scale of the earrings.

Peeta & Katniss

Do you know how much I love the Hunger Games Trilogy? I love it SO much! I think I can actually say they're my all time favorite books! And the movie...my goodness am I ever excited for The Hunger Games movie!! Anyways this is Peeta and Katniss. If you haven't read the books I recommend you do!

Sailor Moon

I got a request to do the 5 main Sailor scouts and Tuxedo Mask. Oh...the things I do lol

Click image to see larger image.


Wizard of Oz

Characters from "Wizard of Oz"

Star Fish

Another picture done for my art show in august. Starfish sculpted from fimo on a canvas

I had to take over 200 pictures of this picture and this one came out the best which really tells you how crap the other pictures were.

The canvas is 12x12 inches


It's funny they have never made a good Hulk movie they have always been crap! The 70's Hulk tv show was amazing though.


for some really weird reason when I took a picture of this it came out looking all crooked but when you look at it in real life it doesn't look like this... which is weird.

Capt America

wow this mask looks like crap! But I tried it 5 other ways and THIS looked the best!


Princess Tiana! From Disney movie "Princess and the Frog"


Princess Aurora I hit a big slump of making princess because I couldn't decide what dress to put her in.



Another doctor who character

I LOVED the episode "The Doctors Wife" it's amazing


The Silence

I kept forgetting to post this...

Anyways the Silence, from Doctor Who. They're so scary!


I love aquaman, I just think he's AWESOME! I hate every movie they made with him. But the comics are cool, But like look at this picture http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzzjgr0xxW1qko4x4o1_500.gif




Those first two dudes that said "It's a bird!" "It's a plane!" Why the heck were they so excited!


Another... Disney Princess!

BUT I MADE HER LOOK FAT!! Probably because in the movie she was SO thin so her in chibi form she looks real chunky.



Cinderella from the disney movie.

For some reason her boob area came out super weird....



ARG! BATMAN!!!! I am apparently CURSED! Every time I make him SOMETHING goes wrong!



Spiderman is my favorite superhero. He's nerdy but also kicks butt!


Jasmine from "Aladdin"

her boobs came out a bit crooked.... And my camera was being a absolute JERK and kept turning everything a yellow tinge.


Hu... I don't know how I feel about how he came out.. in my head it was going to be much more cooler but it didn't come out that way. I think part of the problem was the white FIMO I used was HORRIBLE! It was like trying to make something out of stick paste.

But anyways... I used a bit of wire for the claws. I was going to give it to my friend but I don't think she would want it!


Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Now I'm planning on making all the Disney princess and some superheros, (I know weird combo) but i'm going to alternate from one to another so the next one might be.... I don't know yet but hopefully an awesome superhero!


Flynn and Rapunzel from the Disney move "Tangled"

I LOVED the movie tangled.

Almost 20 and still loves animated movies? HECK YEAH!!


Weeping Angel

It's a weeping angel from the tv show "Doctor Who"

DUN DUN DUN... So don't... BLINK!


Oh.. I love owls.. I love owls to much, BUT THERE JUST SO AWESOME!

It's painted in acrylic and took 6 hours.

Whats your favorite owl? Mines the 2nd one.

Size of canvas 3ft - 1ft

I scanned that painting, thats why you can see the lines in the painting because I had to scan it bit by bit and paste it together.


Licorice All Sorts

it's very small and I didn't think you would get that if I didn't include my figures in the pic :T
I actually HATE "licorice all sorts", but it's the only recognizable mixed candy I thought would look neat in this jar.

Cream Puff

Part of my desert charm bracelet I'm working on. It's about 2cm tall


Don't really know why I made this, or what I'm going to do with it. LOL


I'm making a desert charm bracelet and this is part of it. It's about 2cm tall.

River Song

It's River Song! From Doctor Who!!

picture used http://images.totalscifionline.com/images/content/thebigbang5.jpg


I am going to be in this art show in November so I have to work on a bunch of things for the show, so you're going to see a bunch of art from me.

These are one of the bigger things I've made they are about 10inches long, I'm going to glue them to a canvas C:

Sherlock and Watson

If you haven't seen the BBC Sherlock show, GO...GO SEE IT!!!! It is... AMAZING!!!

If again... you have never seen the show.. this is the outfits I have based this on .... > http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_4DN45GjKlBA/TEmAuv-PG9I/AAAAAAAAAsw/XWFfK4q3e6Q/s1600/BB218394@SHERLOCK.jpg

Library in a Bottle

My mum bought me these small tiny bottle things and said "oh you could put like your little things you make in it" and I said "I'M GOING TO PUT A LIBRARY IN IT"
And then my mum slowly backed away in confusion.

Oh I am so upset that this picture didn't come out that well, but it is SUPER small. The bottle....jar thing is about 3cm tall! SO SMALL!

So it's a library with a hardwood floor and a little wing backed chair.

10th Doctor

The 10th Doctor from "Doctor Who"

Where the Hells my Garden?

Those suction cup things where hell! It took me about 2 hrs to do just the suction cups. It's about 5x3 inches.

Vince And Howard

Vince and Howard from "The Mighty Boosh." The Mighty Boosh has been described as Monty Python on acid.. which it sorta is, it's a VERY weird show

Click here to see what the actual characters look like

Ye Scottish Man

A friend of mine wanted me to sculpt a stereotypical Scotsman so I made this little guy :D

Luigi, Mario, and Princess Peach

I made these for my brother he LOVES Mario so I thought I would make him these

Alice and Hatter

If you haven't seen the syfy mini series "Alice" go and watch it GO, go now and watch it. What the show is about it mostly a modern version of Alice in Wonderland. This what they look like in the show > http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/9500000/Alice-Photos-hatter-and-alice-9575390-685-385.jpg

But these are the characters Alice and Hatter.

Time Lord Fob Watch

Time Lord Fob Watch from the show "Doctor Who" (if you can't tell am a BIG fan of the show) It's about 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide

All the Doctors, from DOCTOR WHO!

you have to full view this or you will not get the full effect (just click the picture)

I made all these over the course of 7 months

it's all the doctors from 63' to 2012 from the show "Doctor Who"

Click here to see what the actual characters look like.

Little Red Riding Hood

you will see a lot of these little chibbie people because there fun to make and people seem to like them.

Playing Cards

Pen and Ink drawing I did of playing cards C:

TARDIS Earrings

I made these for my friends. It's made of Fimo and she really liked them. It's the TARDIS from the show Doctor Who.

Time is an Illusion

A lot of people I showed this thought I went insane, but I didn't I just started drawing randomness and then to break up all that I put a clock in the middle. But yeah it took me 4 days to do this and one mechanical pencil. :D

Oh and can you tell I used a bit of it as my blog header!